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Heart Attack by Demi Levato Review

I have never really  listened to Demi Levato’s music except that i heard her from Camp Rock, alongside Joe Jonas doing the movie theme song. Other than that, another song, Skyscraper by her manage to get to my listening ears and it’s such a great song as well. Heart Attack is the lead single off her 4th album, Demi. The songs starts with Demi on speaker voice voicing her inner strain in having a heart attack if she ever fall in love. A good start to show that she means business. This song is to showcase how angst up Demi can be and the power in her voice manage to capture a dose of beat in my heart which simply means, i love it. 

Demi has been overshadowed by a certain Taylor Swift for a while now but with this new record, things should look bright for her as she’s a talented young woman who is gifted with a wonderful voice and songwriting abilities. And with a stint as a judge on X-factor, it will not hurt her chances to achieve success with this record.A solid pop song that will win over the hearts of many out there. Move over Taylor Swift, Demi is here to take the reign soon. 

Song Rating: 3.5 / 5 

Review By: Fad 

“I’m running on one leg. It may not look like I’m running fast, but I’m going as hard as I can. It bothers me, people coming up beside me. I want to make those guys work. I can’t stand making it easy for them. I’m really competitive. When they run with me, they’re usually running for only two or three miles; for me it might be my twenty-sixth mile.” - Terry Fox

Terry Fox will always be an inspiration to me as i go on a quest to better myself in tackling long distance running. 

The Not So Amazing Spiderman by Fad 

This is it i told myself, a Spiderman movie to redeem the disastrous Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3 which was appalling to say the least as it lacks the human drama that is Spiderman 2. The producers claimed that this new installment is a reboot and they would like to take the spidey experience on a whole new level and also gain more fan girls along the  way with the casting of Andrew Garfield in the titular role. Well, reboot definitely, but worth the hype, definitely not. A mere disappointment for this Spiderman fan who cried when watching spiderman 2 in the cinema and who is also a huge fan of the spidey comics in which the most favorite one is Spiderman: Death of the Stacy’s (Marvel Premiere Classic). Somehow i just wished that Gwen Stacy, who played Peter’s love interest in this movie is killed by The Lizard played subtly by Rhys Irfans. I do not see any connection between the two at all, there is no awww-inspiring moment throughout from what i observe. All they do is playing twinkle in each other’s eyes and the conversation between them is dead pan.

I still believe that Mary Jane is the one girl for Peter Parker, and no one else. The connection between these two is admirably there. Back to the whole sub plot of the movie, it is basically a rehash of Spiderman 2 with a bit of tweaking here and there and the only stars who manage to hold this movie afloat for me is Martin Sheen who plays Uncle Ben and Dennis Leary who played Captain Stacy. They played their characters with so much conviction that i even forget that Andrew Garfield is there. Andrew on the other hand, didn’t do a bad job on this one, but guess, i still feel that Tobey Maguire is still my chosen Spiderman for all time and i’m being biased on this one. Andrew’s spidey is broody and highly intellectual and in this version, Peter is seen to be actually talking more “science” compared to the previous version.

The villian, The Lizard, played by Rhys Ifans, is not the kind of villian i would have in this reboot. I would love seeing Mac Gargan, aka The Scorpion taking on the villanious role. Seeing a spider and a scorpion battling it out on the streets of New York is just epic. 

In all, i was expecting to be awed by this reboot but guess i was not. It was just a normal spidey movie in my opinion and it can’t beat the drama and human emotion compared to Raimi’s Spiderman 2. They tried to freshen things up but failed to shake a tingle spidey web. It’s time to switch gear to DC as i think i will be blown away with The Dark Knight Rises. For now, im just going to blast my Spiderman 2 soundtrack. 

Verdict : 2 1/2 out of 5 stars. 


Movie Review: 

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Here we go again with this last installment of the vampire werewolf love saga that has encapsulates millions and millions of teenage fans worldwide and has made the 3 stars of the shows, Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner a major overnight sensation. This is the last book from Stepenie Meyer’s ground breaking series, Twilight and it also the most heavy in terms of plotline. Well, we all know what happens during the last scene of Eclipse, Bella decides to accept Edward’s proposal. The opening scene of Breaking Dawn showcases the lavish wedding of the two lovelorn lovers and from there on, we will see both of them engaging in a lovers paradise mood throughout. Let me just give my sense of view of the show. Personally i think its an improvement in terms of ejecting drama and suspense even more and also developing the already strong relationship that Edward and Bella have. However, there is still some flaws that should be worked out between the director and the casts. Pattison and Stewart still have not convince me that they can actually be more emotional when sharing the same scene together. All they do is look at each other intensely and keep on kissing all the way. Its nerve wrecking watching it throughout though. Taylor’s character this time around is pretty much on the emotional wreck side after learning that Bella is pregnant with a Demon baby and that baby is devouring her from the inside and here we will see Bella’s thin form which i think is pretty good CGI being created. The downside of CGI is still the wolves. I mean, after earning billions of dollars in the box office, im sure they can create a much realistic CGI wolf. Instead what we get is a cheap looking effect. The first part of the movie definitely didnt get me going overdrive, but the last 20 minutes, the birth scene, that is pretty intense to watch. Its grotesque and pretty disturbing. Hence, the baby is born, but Bella did not survive. She was soon change by Edward who bit her and here we will see the same sequence like in Spiderman where the Spider’s venom filled up Peter Parker’s blood stream. I thought i was watching a spiderwoman movie! If you think that’s the most disturbing part of the movie , then you’re wrong. The most disturbing is when jacob, learning that Bella is already dead, plans to abolished that baby himself but upon walking towards her, they had a click moment where he had a vision. Apparently, a single male wolf, once had a click moment with a born child, he will be conjoined with the child to be it’s protector, brother and also lover. That to me is the most drastic moment of the movie. Simply weird. 

Towards the end, we will see Bella regained her normal form after the vampire genes has already been filled up on her blood streams and we will see her opening her eyes, all red and bloodied. The movie ended and we will see how she will get used to her new found power and vampire addictions next fall. 

Overall, its a mix balance for me. The pace is sometimes slow and sometimes fast. I hope with the Volturi making an appearance in the next movie, it will balance itself well and conclude the long ongoing saga of this modern vampire tale. It’s time to move on, seriously. Maybe Hollywood should consider doing a zombie romance next? 

2 1/2 out of 5 stars. 

Fad Chee-Chak’s Music Review: 

Blue - I Can 

The boys of Blue are back and this widely popular boyband from the UK is out and running with this latest single, I Can which is UK’s entry for Eurovision song Contest where they came in 4th. Reviewing this song, i would say this is typical Blue material, with Lee Ryan screeching vocals to make more impact on the song itself, to Simon Webbe half-rap through out the song, and the chorus which blends all four vocals together to make it more orchestra sounding, is not bad at all. The lyrics are deemed powerful enough to last a 2.4km run throughout. A pity for such a great song, the video is drab. They should make it more valiant and exciting to show their fans that they are back. But i guess they need to make the money first before making good videos right? Since they have been out of the scene for a while, i’m sure the money they earn during their pinnacle years in their boyband careers have all been washed up and it’s time to get right back from the beginning, just like how they started with their very first single from their debut album, All rise. But still, a great catchy song that i would want to consider running to, in this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon. 

Fad Chee-Chak’s Rating: 

3 out of 5 stars. 

(Pretty decent stuff) 

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